Jon Holtz Photography

Specializing in nature and travel photography

Why Jon Holtz?

Why Jon Holtz? There are so many great photographers out there. Some have more expensive gear than I do. Some know a few more tricks in Photoshop. Why not go with them? What do I bring to the table? I know I have been hired by clients who could afford a more expensive photographer. I believe it is the relationships that I create with the clients. I believe there is a strong sense of trust. I will bring a healthy balance of my artistic eye to the work while listening to what you, the client wants. I also believe that the customer should not be gouged. For portrait sessions, I will always give you the images on a CD for you to own. No need to purchase expensive prints from me. Such a simple recipe; Trust, vision, and quality work. Please contact me if I can be of service to you.

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